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New Bronco Libre LP!

Listen here … finally!!


31.10.2018 Mannheim, JUZ
01.11.2018 Genève, L‘Écurie
02.11.2018 Marseille, La Plaine
03.11.2018 Barcelona, CSO L‘Astilla
04.11.2018 Valencia, Magazine Club
05.11.2018 Madrid, Wurlitzer Ballroom
06.11.2018 Larrabasterra/Bilbo, Plaza Beltza
07.11.2018 Bordeaux, La Voûte
08.11.2018 Cunlhat, L‘Octopus
09.11.2018 Grenoble, La Baf
10.11.2018 Basel, Ex-Esso

Tour 18

We´ll have new shirts & new buttons!

Hamburg, 14.10.2018


Back from the Mini-Tour with COLD LEATHER! What a great band <3 great weekend! We forgot the mandatory Crew-Selfie, but there´s a bunch of videos of their set and a video of our full set on MS Frau Hedi in Hamburg. Check it out, if you have a 20 minute attention span ;-)